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For those of you who are wondering, modern in-line muzzleloaders are classified as firearms by the NFA. Flintlock, matchlock, and percussion cap muzzleloaders manufactured prior to 1898, and any muzzleloader manufactured after 1898 with the same types of firing mechanisms are not subject to GCA registration regulations. However, all muzzleloading firearms with in-line firing mechanisms are considered rifles or shotguns respectively and are required to be purchased under regulation of the GCA/NFA. Ref: ATF Quarterly publication 98-7 (available at ATF website).


NOTICE:  In the state of Illinois, all black powder firearms are subject to the same laws as center fire firearms. You need a FOID card and must pass a background check. A form 4473 is Federal and is not necessary.

Example: Kentucky rifle flintlock manufactured in 2003 - Not subject to registration.

Example: CVA in-line .45 cal muzzleloader using shotgun primer - Is subject to registration.

Muzzleloaders are a great source of enjoyment, but they can also be dangerous. Never, ever exceed the powder manufacturer's load specifications. The word "magnum" in most cases is just a descriptive product title, and firearm manufacturers tend to 
sometimes overrate their products . Safety should never be compromised! Be safe...use the right load!

we offer muzzleloaders from:

Connecticut Valley Arms, Thompson Center,

Lyman,  and Traditions


SPECIAL NOTE- Presently, electronic ignition muzzleloaders are not legal for hunting in the following states: Delaware, Florida,
Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont,
Virginia, and Washington. You can buy one, but why waste your money on something you can't use?


Electra "ARC" Magnum Series- CVA's newest innovation, uses electronic ignition firing mech- anism; no primers, breech plugs, or flash holes. Bergara prem rifled bbls. Avail in stainless and blued. .50 cal only  Stainless  P.O.R

                                 Blued  P.O.R.     

Accura V2 209 Magnum Series, break action in-line rifle, 209 ign, 29" fluted bbl, compo stck with recoil pad, .50 cal only.
Stainless/Realtree HD
Stainless/black FiberGrip
Optima Pro 12 ga. Muzzleloader Shotgun in Realtree Hardwood HD, compo stock


Wolf 209 Magnum Series, break action, 209 ign, 24" bbl, all weather stock, .50 cal. Avail in:
Blued/black Value Pack
Blued/blk w 3-9x32mm scope

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Thompson Center

Thompson G2 Contender 209 x 50, 24" bbl, stainless steel breech plug, weatherproof breech, .50 cal only. Avail in:

Thompson Pro Hunter 209 x 50 with speed breech, swing hammer can rotate for right or left hand shooters, 28" stainless fluted bbl, .50 cal only.

Black stock

Hardwoods cfamo stock

Black thumbhole stock

Hardwood camo thumbhole

Thompson Omega .50 cal Thumbhole, compo stock. Avail in:

Stainless fluted/Hardwoods HD
Stainless/Hrdwds/TH/not fluted
Stainless fluted/black
Stainless/Laminated fluted

Triumph .50 cal Muzzleloader, external speed breech, 28" bbl (scope not included) Avail in:


Blued/black synthetic

Weather shiled/Black synthetic

Weather shield/Camo (shown)

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Lyman Muzzleloaders

Deerstalker Rifles in .50 and .54 cal. Avail in:

(Also available on left hand models.)

.50 & .54 cal Percussion

.50 & .54 cal Flintlock

.50 & 54 cal Percussion - LH

.50 & .54 cal Flintlock - LH
.50&.54 cal Percussion Stainless

Trade Rifles with 28" barrel. Avail in:


.50 & .54 cal Percussion
.50 & .54 cal Flintlock


Great Plains Rifles in .50 and .54 cal., 32" barrel. Avail in:
.50 & .54 cal Percussion
.50 & .54 cal Percission - LH
.50 & .54 cal Flintlock
.50 & .54 cal Flintlock - LH
"Hunter" Rifles - 1/32" Twist
.50 & .54 cal Percussion
.50 & .54 cal Flintlock
.50 & .54 cal Percussion - LH

Mustang Breakaway Rifle. , 209 Magnum. Lyman's only in-line muzzleloading rifle.


.50 cal 1/28" twist


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Traditions Performance Firearms

Vortek Stealth Package, Includes Full Next G1 Vista camo with scope, rings and base, 28" fluted and ported barrel, dropout rigger and Hogue overmold.


Vortek Ultra Lite, lightest muzzleloader barrel on the market, new Ultra-Lite trigger set under 3lb., dropout trigger assy., accelerator breech plug, fiber optic sights, Hogue overmolded stock and Cerakote finish.


Cerakte/RealTree AP HD


Pursuit X LT Accelerator,360 degree ported 28" bbl., toolless breach plug, soft touch camo, stock, .50 cal. 
Nickel/New treestand camo
Nickel/thumbhole black
Nickel/thumbhole treestand

Pursuit LT Acceleratror ,50 cal, alloy frame,  26"  barrel, Tru-Glo sights. Aavail in:


Blued/black synthetic

Nickel/Black synthetic

Nickel/Treestand camo

Buckstalker Hunter's Pac: .50 cal break open breach, blued with black stock, 3-9x32mm scope, rings and base.


Blued/black synthetic


Buckstalker: Lightweight and rust resistant, alloy breakout frame, .50 cal, 24" bbl., Tru-Glo fiber optics.



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